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Kiwis reject concept of an official religion

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-06-22

While Howard is (hypocritically) praising western values, and promoting Christianity as a part of it, our pacific (in more ways than one) neighbors, our fellow Anzacs, have strongly rejected the idea of an official religion, according to a survey released 2007-06-18 from social and market research company Research New Zealand

Despite a population that is over 55% Christian (in the last census), 58% of the population rejected the concept of having an official religion, compared with 35% who wanted Christianity made official.

What is even more interesting in the light of these figures is that two thirds of kiwis agree with me that the study of comparative religion should be compulsory in schools.

Is there any chance of the states seceding from Canberra and applying to be part of New Zealand?

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One Response to “Kiwis reject concept of an official religion”

  1. sustento said

    Come on down!

    As someone said “good people generally do good and evil people generally do evil but religion makes good people do evil things”…or something like that.

    We have our fair share of the Christian right endlessly quoting from the Heritage Foundation and a few far right persons such as the Rev Brian Tamaki but most kiwis just worship the All Blacks :-)

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