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Moore to the left of them, Harvard to the right…

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-07-08

Kim‘s LP article Medicare = Terrorism, talking about Michael Moore’s "Sicko" frightening the US rabid right to push a line that universal health care will lead to more terrorism caused the following to flow.  (The line wouldn’t have popped into my head without Kim’s article, so I tip’s me hat!).  Whether or not LP like the comment, (and it’s fair if they don’t), I thought I’d copy my comment into the buffer and paste it here.

The right wingers have more to worry about, because it’s not just Moore kicking the boots in from the left. The archetypal capitalists at Harvard Business School (HBS) are kicking US health care (and to a certain extent, the US way of business) for the same reasons.

You’ll find HBS healthcare papers here

I don’t agree with their conclusions all the time, but HBS has a lot of good stuff to say (and I’ve pointed to it occasionally here and here).  HBS have been on a "gotta fix health care, gotta get into third world poverty, gotta get better governance" kick (and wanting to partner with the UN!!!!) for the last few years.

And they are actually on Moore’s side…. kinda..

Michael E. Porter (of Competitive Advantage of Nations fame), who thinks the Nordics are pretty competitive because they do things smart, is in the van.

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Peace Commission Bill Discussion Area

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-07-08

Ann El Khoury PeoplesGeography / Reclaiming Space has perked up my hopes that she’ll get a few people on board and prepared to support Democrat Senator Lyn Allison’s Private Member’s Bill, the Peace Commission and Non-Violence Act 2007 when it gets sent to committee and public submissions open.  So… I’m opening up this page for people to bounce ideas around before getting their individual submissions ready.

Currently, the copy of the bill is here (PDF) and here (html).  My initial reactions to the draft a month ago are here.  My notes on making submissions, with some examples done by us mere mortals, are here.  The rss feed to keep an eye out for when the bill is open for comment is here

Remember, if you want a Peace Commission, all you have to do is know when and where to send the email with "I support the bill and urge the parliament to pass it". , and get your like-minded friends to do the same.  You don’t even have to be old enough to vote, so schoolkids are specifically encouraged to use this page to get confidence in their ideas.

If you want something meatier to think about, it’s worth looking at the big-picture issues surrounding the bill at Vision of Humanity/Global Peace Index site, and perhaps the wikipedia entry.

Over to you…

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Peace Commission and Non-Violence Act at First Reading

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-07-08

While I’ve tried to keep an eye out for it, the Peace Commission and Non-Violence Act 2007 went through first reading a couple of weeks ago.  It doesn’t appear to have gone through the House, so I think it won’t be long before it’s referred to committee and there’s a call for public submissions.

Now it’s time to lay the guilt trip on you: if this bill doesn’t get through, and you didn’t even send an email in its support, who is to blame?

I hope that many of you will make submissions in support of this bill, to give it a chance of getting through.  I haven’t gone through the latest version in detail yet (PDF Version and HTML version), but the one I saw a month ago certainly deserved support.  I posted a preliminary review of it here and here.

Given the short time available to get in submissions once they are advertised (even Microsoft had problems), I’d strongly recommend you start drafting your submission now, even if it’s only one or two paragraph jotting, ready to email in.

I’ve made some notes on how to prepare a submission and the relevant RSS feeds to use here if you haven’t done it before.

But it’s no harder than writing a blog post or comment, the only tricky bit is getting the email in during the small window of opportunity the Howard government allows these days.

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Updated: Sustainability Links

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-07-08

The environmental, human development and other related links have all been moved to a single Sustainability Page, which allows room for a description of the main sites (10 so far), and selected links within each resource (41 all up), making them much more useful than a simple list.  These links include respected modelling software you can download: Excel spreadsheets from GCI (who’ve worked with the IPCC) and SAGE (although you’ll need Unix/Linux to use the SAGE stuff – it’s a set of tools for real research.)

If any of you start using the SAGE tools, drop a comment back on the sustainability page.  At a pinch I’ll start up a special page with hints to compile up the stuff.

Well, that should be enough to get you started on something other than mere reading!


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