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Peace Commission Bill Discussion Area

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-07-08

Ann El Khoury PeoplesGeography / Reclaiming Space has perked up my hopes that she’ll get a few people on board and prepared to support Democrat Senator Lyn Allison’s Private Member’s Bill, the Peace Commission and Non-Violence Act 2007 when it gets sent to committee and public submissions open.  So… I’m opening up this page for people to bounce ideas around before getting their individual submissions ready.

Currently, the copy of the bill is here (PDF) and here (html).  My initial reactions to the draft a month ago are here.  My notes on making submissions, with some examples done by us mere mortals, are here.  The rss feed to keep an eye out for when the bill is open for comment is here

Remember, if you want a Peace Commission, all you have to do is know when and where to send the email with "I support the bill and urge the parliament to pass it". , and get your like-minded friends to do the same.  You don’t even have to be old enough to vote, so schoolkids are specifically encouraged to use this page to get confidence in their ideas.

If you want something meatier to think about, it’s worth looking at the big-picture issues surrounding the bill at Vision of Humanity/Global Peace Index site, and perhaps the wikipedia entry.

Over to you…

5 Responses to “Peace Commission Bill Discussion Area”

  1. The Peace Commission Bill is an excellent example of Parliament being given the opportunity to make a significant contribution to well-being of humankind.
    It has my complete support.

  2. Jim Page said

    The Peace Commission and Non-Violence Act is a ray of hope in an otherwise depressing scenario of what passes for our democratic parliament All power to the Australian Democrats for this, and especially to Leader Senator Lyn Allison, whom I know does have a special interest and commitment in peace issues.

  3. Dave Bath said

    Given how many “feel-good” sites there are out there, its worth noting that here is the list of endoresements for the VoH/GPI site I mentioned earlier.

    You may also want to read about the Sydney Uni Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies who are fairly big participants in the VoH/GPI project.

  4. Dave Bath said

    OK Stella and Jim, what to you as very high-powered people in this area think are the most indispensable and powerful parts of the bill? I’d like to know so I can give them deeper attention and maybe specifically mention them in a submission I prepare.

  5. Dave Bath said

    I’ll kick off what I think are important aspects of the bill:
    (1) Including peace/nv content in school curriculum
    (2) Providing advice to other ministers and agencies
    Critical! Too often it seems the ministers and other agencies are unaware of (or choose not to search for) obligations to existing treaties/conventions/… A good example if the plan for a citizenship testing bill and the doubling of the application cost which Curtin Uni noted seemed against the Conventions Relating to the Status of Refugees and the Status of Stateless Persons. (see my review of Citizenship testing submissions
    (3) The technology for peace and arms control are both important.
    17.1.b (encourage the conservation and sustainability of natural resources in order to prevent future conflicts regarding scarce resources.) is especially pertinent as New Scientist reported the ICG looking at rainfall records and conflict, then called Sudan the “world’s first climate change war”.

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