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Flawed attacks on Dawkins: Zwartz and all

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-07-15

Barney Swartz is normally, for a religious writer, relatively self-consistent, however, his 2007-07-14 article in The Age ("The fundamentalist delusion") indicates that he is probably scared of Dawkins et al, even though he has a point that the secularists’ stridency may be counterproductive.

I believe it is the duty of secularists to attack a system of ideas that empirically leads to more human misery than utilitarian secularism with everything at it’s disposal.

Unfortunately, as I written before (in "Dawkins v God (1)", "Dawkins v God (2)" and "Unrecognized Allies"), secularists should give some support to the religious moderates who believe in the evolution of ideas, and join with them in attacking the immoderates and "peasant" believers.

Secularists are also missing out in the mischevious delights of claiming greater authority on spiritual matters than the Pope or indeed any Christian authority by leveraging the opening of the Gospel of John to claim the longest guardianship of something identical to the Christian god, the λόγος.  (This development follows from part of the "Hier Stehe Ich" post.)

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