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Haneef vilification sketches: Updated

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-07-17

I outlined in an earlier post what I saw as vilifying pictures of Haneef published in the Murdoch press, and today I find the Murdoch press still publishing them, and I found a picture on the website, this time on the home page of The Australian.

I’m very interested in people’s votes as to the most accurate drawing, and which might be promoting bias against the man.  How do these compare in accuracy to typical "identikit" pictures drawn from (fallible) memory rather than from life as court pictures are?

Photo Murdoch Fairfax ABC
This is a neanderthal, a better fit to the Murdoch picture than the real man.
India Times photo This is a photo from the India Times: I wonder why we have not seen this in Oz media?  Too human?

UPDATE UPDATE 2007-07-27 : Haneef is released and the Murdoch press decide to portray him as an actual human!
2007-07-27, Haneef is released, and the Murdoch press show him as a human: 

2007-07-27 Murdoch press photo of Haneef looking like a human

The Age photo after the release:
The Age photo after Haneef's release

I can’t help but wonder if the Murdoch artist drew a number of images, and the editors chose the most "evil looking" in order to vilify the man and promote subconcious acceptance of the Canberra Central Committee’s Kafkaesque actions.

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