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Jurisdiction “to infinity and beyond”

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-07-18

I’ll draw your attention to LawFont’s article that includes the gories that the charges against Haneef have no geographical constraints – as I’d say, they reach "to infinity and beyond".

Now, if that principle is accepted by the current executive, then other nations can apply the same geographical reach to their own laws. JWH (or GWB) couldn’t argue philosophically against those laws!

Thus a nation big on human rights abuses (racist treatment of aboriginals, recklessly causing deaths of tens or hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians by giving support to Bush that helped him justify the invasion in the first place) to legitimately bring charges against John Howard and arrest him if he sets foot on, or travels in the airspace of that nation, or any others with which they have extradition arrangements.

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Shameless self-congratulation

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-07-18

Self-plug: I must say I’m chuffed by being in "The Home Page Daily" (associated with Richard Neville and a very interesting portal) relatively short list of blogs of note, the fairly impressive company I’m keeping there, and the kind words they have to say.

Insightful comment and dialogue on a wide range of subjects

Be provoked by Balneus

They don’t use "provoked" for everything.  Chuffed!

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Get upset India, please!

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-07-18

I’ve been looking around the Indian media’s coverage of the Haneef affair.  "The Hindu", which claims to be India’s national newspaper, which (by the similarity of language construction to The Age and The Australian is aimed to inform the elite rather than engage in the demagoguery of The Herald-Sun) has been following the case closely – with many reports each day.

I can see why Indians are angry, as Australia’s action offends their ideas of liberal democracy as outlined in their constitution.  Australians, simply, lack the freedoms of the poorest Indian.  If Bush and Howard justified (post hoc) their invasion of Iraq by "bringing freedom", then almost every modern state would have just cause to invade Australia and topple the executive, then create a bill of rights and a legal system that could enforce it.

Part 3 of the Indian Constitution guarantees the freedoms Australians lack.  In the Haneef case, we particularly lack the codification of what Indians term "constitutional remedies", which allow people to ask the courts to determine if they are being treated according to the rule of law and the constitution.

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Roskam a witless Pangloss or a prostitute

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-07-18

John Roskam is Andrew Bolt without the impish way of words, and his piece in The Age 2007-07-18 ("Terrorism is real. Just ask those who have lost loved ones") makes Dr Pangloss look clear-headed.

Roskam’s thesis is that the left ignore all evidence about the threats of terrorism so they can castigate Howard and Bush, while also ignoring the black-and-white "pure evil" of terrorism.

Here is one of the sentences that floored me:

It’s not as though anyone who enjoys the freedoms provided by a liberal democracy can have any sympathy with the aims of jihadist terrorists.

Ironically, this was printed opposite the Julian Burnside piece about the flagrant violations of traditional freedoms we associate with liberal democracies, freedoms that Roskam should be worried about given that he is executive director of the Institute of Public Affairs, which …

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