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Visit NZ, not Oz

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-07-25

Potential Oz Tourists: Visit NZ instead.  If you believe the Oz PM and opposition, there’s a huge terrorist threat here that warrants ditching traditional freedoms, so you’re much less likely to be blown up across the ditch.

Make a list of countries (apart from Australia and Zimbabwe) where the entire legal profession is at war with the government (never a good sign).  NZ isn’t one of them.

Now the Oz government and people don’t care about their own citizens enough to try and get them out of the black hole of Guantanamo for years and years – even though every other western country did it in a couple of months.

Visitors risk worse treatment.  Locked up at the drop of a hat.  Odd as it seems, the government solicitor agrees that even Jesus would be classified as a terrorist for his actions, let alone the accusations that he was treasonous by both the secular rule of his own party and the moderate clerics.

New Zealand, on the other hand, treats even refugees with respect by not locking them up behind razor wire.

Even if you are Australian, if you are not white, you’ll die young and have your land taken away from you.  Maori land in NZ is protected by treaty.

Other reasons include:

  • You’d rather see the set of “The Lord of the Rings” than “Neighbours”
  • You are less likely to have your tourist dollars spent on weapons and used for killing people
  • You don’t have as many vowel sounds to learn to pronounce
  • The NZ PM has balls (unlike the Oz PM and all the wannabes)
  • I know the NZ version of our emu is a wimp, but they’ve even got a flightless parrot!

So if you want to come to a southern hemisphere country where you’ll be safe from terrorists and welcome as a tourist or student, go to New Zealand.

With any luck you won’t be put at risk by needing a stopover in Sydney.

If you want still to know about Australia, there’s an informative site from the Department of Mateship and Fair Dinkum Aussie Values


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