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Haneef sketches post updated with new photos

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-07-27

The Haneef vilification sketches: updated: updated with photos from The Australian and The Age after Haneef was released.

Haneef’s physiognomy in The Age sketch wasn’t too bad, the ABC was poor, but had the right proportions (kindof), while the neanderthaloid detailed drawing with fine detail of hairs, etc, is unrecognizable.

I really hope the artist from the Murdoch press never gets a job preparing identikit pictures, or there’ll be lots of wrongful arrests.

Also, is Andrews being awfully smarmy?

“He’s not stuck in his unit, can I assure you of that,” Mr Andrews said.

No, of course not.  Because he got behind on rent when we was dodgily stuck in detention and wasn’t earning his wage.  Haneef hasn’t got a unit to be stuck in!, and he can’t get together a bond for another one as Andrew’s won’t return his status as a legal resident, so by law he can’t go back to work.

What next?  That you don’t hear murder victims complaining?


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