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Reader poll open: Submissions to Senate

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-07-29

The first reader poll on this blog is now available.  You’re all invited to take it.  I’ll be archiving (and allowing votes) on a separate page: once there is more than one poll to archive.

Unfortunately, forms in wordpress posts aren’t behaving, so you can either go straight to the poll, read the full question below before doing the poll, or just view results so far.

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Shrinking and ageing population? What’s the problem?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-07-29

Difficulties of a shrinking population are not insurmountable: in fact, there are fewer things to worry about than with malignant Malthusian growth given technological advances.

One big problem is political – the focus on inappropriate econometrics.

Fewer people means a lower risk of hitting resource limits, a lower threat from climate change issues, and a lower threat for armed conflict.  Good, good, good.

Fewer people means an older population, but this does not necessarily mean a great reduction in the working/retired ratio.

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Which threatens the US most: Iran or Saudi?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-07-29

Iran is in the sights of the US for a whole heap of reasons.  Should this be the case?  A new post at the Democracy in America blog at The Economist gives an alternative.

The article goes through a list of things that certainly would trouble the US, with the word "Iran" in each.  Then comes the twist:

So, are you convinced that the time for action is upon us?  Now replace “Iran” with “Saudi Arabia”, because that is the country that’s pursuing this destabilising agenda. Still convinced?

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Why the need for more accountants? Writing fiction?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-07-29

The Australian‘s "Free degrees to lure accountants" (2007-07-25) article troubled me: a week in background processing and I know why.  Why should we need more accountants as computers do a large or small set of books in the same time regardless?

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