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Banning NVE from aboriginal townships: counterproductive?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-08-08

I’m a prude, but I wonder if Howard and Brough banning non-violent erotica from aboriginal towns might be counterproductive in the effort to prevent child abuse.  Perhaps bringing in more NVE might even be a good idea.  The ban isn’t as objectionable as other initiatives (such as the land-grabbing, weakening the power of the Racial Discrimination Act, etc), but it does seem odd if you want to redirect sexual behaviour into something tolerable.

OK, I’m being a tad facetious and simplistic here, many of you can shoot me down in flames, but it’s worth thinking about for a minute.  "Nice" NVE depicting obviously adult women (rather than those looking like teenagers) might actually help matters.  Maybe even go further and show movies engineered to direct sexual fixation specifically away from kids using similar techniques to those that extinguish installed fetishes (perhaps a squirm-inducing scene that suggests "touch a kid and you’ll cop a really swift kick in the nuts").

Banning "normal" NVE might actually be counterproductive, but I don’t know enough psych to think through this in detail.

(Keep comments clean, at PG15 level please, and anything strong with lots of f*****g stars in it)


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