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Non-core silences

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-08-08

Rudd and the ALP have been unbelievably quiet on many issues.  Is this (disgusting) tacit agreement with Howard on so many issues or is it (dishonest) "non-core silence"?

I’d rather it was a non-core silence in the hope that the ALP would act in government with greater respect for the traditions of the rule of law, separation of powers, … all the things trashed by the Howard regime.

Along with others, the ALP raged against Howard for not going to an election giving a hint about WorkChoices, therefore if Rudd and company (a good term for the ALP machine these days) …

  1. start standing up for democratic principles after winning the election without telling the voters, then they are just as dishonest as Howard was in the leadup to the last election;
  2. inform the public of their intent at the official campaign launch, they have been hypocritically letting Howard get away with murder; or
  3. win the election and use Howard’s precedents as cover, they don’t deserve office any more than Howard

None of these options are palatable.

There is, of course, a moral case to doing what needs to be done in order to be in a position to restore our democracy somewhat, using the "lesser of two evils" approach.

Mind you, if Howard quits as leader and Liberal Party members start waving their democratic beliefs saying "Oh, we didn’t like what Howard was doing" then they damn themselves for inaction up until now, sacrificing all for keeping office when they could have had a party room (or even cabinet) revolt.  All they had to do was get in a group and say to Howard "the party no longer wants you as leader".  In that case, their non-core silences are worse than the ALP’s.

Update: Just noticed Peter Martin’s analysis of the Rudd’s me-tooism on Economics.  Good read.


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