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UN security council and a Liberal Party member

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-08-08

Having another regular chat at my local caffeine filling station with Mark, a Liberal Party member, (yes, I do have regular friendly chats with some, and even a Young Liberal), and he criticized all the permanent members of the UN Security Council as being the "biggest gun runners on the planet", while having the task of maintaining security.

All of a sudden, I realized why – apart from the obvious and lucrative export benefits.

Q: When is the Security Council most important and weilds the most power (for good or ill)?  A: When there is war or threat of war.

If the permanent members actually foster conflict by supplying the necessities for conflict, they increase their own diplomatic power.  That’s a conflict of interest because of an interest in conflict.

Dracula is in charge of the blood bank.

BTW:  Mark reckons Howard lost the economic plot with his "blame the states for high interest rates" strategy, and will be trounced come the election.


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