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Foreign Aid: Oz shamed

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-08-09

  1. How many (permanent) people are in the Australian Army?
  2. Can Australia train enough doctors for its own people?
  3. Which country has the most doctors per head of population?
  4. Which country is training the most East Timorese medical students?
  5. Which country offers the most scholarships to East Timorese?
  6. Which country has over 25000 medical personnel giving foreign aid?
  7. Which country developed the first Meningitis B vaccine and doesn’t charge royalties?

Answers over the fold….

  1. According the Defence Annual Report for 2005-06 the Army had an average strength of 25,241 permanent personnel.
  2. No.  If Australia could train enough doctors, we wouldn’t have so many doctors here on 457 visas.
  3. Cuba: According to Slate (2007-02-01) "What’s with all the Cuban doctors?": Cuba has more doctors per capita than any other country: 70,000 for a population of 11 million.
  4. Cuba: Jose Ramos Horta (the new-President of East Timor) is quoted in the 2007-08 The Monthly (p.27)

    "Look at poor Cuba, which has taken 700 East Timorese medical students"

  5. Cuba: Jose Ramos Horta again (op cit)

    Portugal has provided many more scholarships (than Australia) for East Timorese to study in Portugal, but Cuba has done more than Australia, America and all the European countries combined.  Australia pursues a policy that really discourages East Timorese from going there to study.

  6. Cuba: Cuba has between 25000 and 30000 medical personnel providing foreign aid.  Most are in South America, but there are about 4000 doctors in Africa, 200 doctors (300 planned) in East Timor, and they respond well to any disaster, including the offer (refused) of 1500 medical personnel to the US after Hurrican Katrina.According to the BBC report (2006-08-18):

    Cuba currently has about 20,000 doctors working in 68 countries across three continents. … Last October, Havana sent more than 2,000 medical staff to Pakistan and set up 30 field hospitals after the earthquake there, treating more than 1.5 million people … More than two months after the (2006) quake (in Indonesia), the 135-strong Cuban team sees up to 1,000 patients a day at two field hospitals set up in the earthquake zone, 30km (18 miles) from Yogyakarta.

  7. Cuba: Are you beginning to see a pattern here? BTW, the vaccine is embargoed from use in the US and people there are not immunized against N.meningitidis serotype B, so a few hundred US kids die each year [link].

So, Australia can’t supply itself enough doctors, yet Cuba with half our population has so many it sends a medical team the size of the Australian Army to the developing world.  How to win friends and influence people!

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