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Inefficient Cth indigenous-specific expenditure.

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-08-09

The Commonwealth Indigenous-specific expenditure has approximately doubled under Howard from about $1.7 bill to around $3.5 bill p.a. [Parl Lib Note], and we’ve no improvement in human outcomes to show for it.

Have mortality and morbidity indicators improved in the last 10 years despite this governments radical changes to administration?  Nope!

Even if the Howard regime is not guilty of a destructive agenda, then they are at least guilty of financial mismanagement.

Consider the huge "reforms" the Howard regime has instituted.  Before ATSIC and ATSIS were disbanded, it was possible to blame ATSIC.  (I’d blame ATSIC’s inability to get rid of a couple of corrupt individuals, but it should have been reconstituted so the shysters were locked out.)

The larger spends are probably a useful figleaf so the Howard regime can claim to be taking action.  If they started listening to the aboriginal communities rather than pursuing useless policies the seem to have (barely) hidden agenda, then maybe the money would be spent more wisely.

It’s not just the civil rights lobby that should be upset – no matter how uncaring, all taxpayers should be angry.

Either the Howard regime are incompetent managers, or, if you think they are good at designing and implementing policy in other areas, you have to wonder why they aren’t bother to put the effort into doing something for perhaps the most vulnerable sectors of our society.

Perhaps we could improve indigenous mortality and morbidity statistics by asking Cuba for medical assistance: they’ll offer help to those living in third world conditions[post] any opportunity they get!


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