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30-day most-popular posts

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-08-13

Here are the most popular posts for the last 30 days.  Together, the posts on Haneef and related issues were the most widely read. What surprises me is how popular the review of David Marr’s "Hit Master’s Voice" still is.

Apart from the political, I’m happiest with my short re-rendering of Gilgamesh.  On political (but not daily) issues, I think the most original line is in What rights would bogans defend?

  1. Haneef vilification sketches: Updated
  2. Haneef sketches : Herald-Sun racial prejudice
  3. Oz Human Rights Proposed Bill: 0: Preamble
  4. Paul Kelly: Lawyers hate democracy (just like like Islamists)
  5. Placement in the political/economic spectrum
  6. The scope of treason and sedition? Has the executive offended
  7. Murdoch press goes after extinct species
  8. Review of David Marr’s "His Masters Voice"
  9. "Human rights bad…" – I’m dumbfounded
  10. Sicko’s socialized medicine the only way to go: Economics professor
  11. Biased court drawings and re-enactments: How far is too far
  12. Haneef sketches post updated with new photos
  13. AWAs only help professionals, not the majority
  14. Room 101 for peace activists – even Australians
  15. Bioethics Prof wants reproductive cloning legalized
  16. Can Popeye rescue the health budget?
  17. IPCC got it wrong about solar effect on climate
  18. Shrinking and ageing population? What’s the problem?
  19. Will Libs swap leaders to change headlines?
  20. Fundamental Rights: EU: Article 1: Human Dignity
  21. Green-eyed monsters and golden treadmill: 2
  22. Green-eyed monsters on the golden treadmill
  23. What rights would bogans defend?
  24. OzPolitics Politics Test
  25. Road congestion charges, Stockholm puts a greeen twist
  26. Slate: Cool/weird/worrying DARPA stuff
  27. Review of Citizenship Testing Bill submissions
  28. Slate: Why terrorists hate the US (and Oz)
  29. OMG! I agree with Bolt again!
  30. Gender-based taxation
  31. Junk food and climate change
  32. Relations between AFP and executive like Joh’s Queensland
  33. Moore to the left of them, Harvard to the right
  34. Gardasil: we also need a vaccine for hypochondriasis
  35. Oz Human Rights Proposed Bill: 10: Limitations on rights
  36. The first literature, the must-read: Gilgamesh
  37. Islamic revolution needed for peace
  38. Persistent Vegetative State: Decisions getting harder
  39. Paid paternal leave might fix gender wage inequity
  40. Get upset India, please!
  41. The Bath Test for Fluency (and Artificial Intelligence
  42. Parliamentary Submissions
  43. Strechmarks
  44. The "Progressives" need to use the word "regressives"
  45. Which threatens the US most: Iran or Saudi?
  46. Citizenship Testing: Committee gives minister slap on wrist
  47. Political advertising: paid, free, and under the wire
  48. GG torpor?

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