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Most of you are ONANISTs, love WAR

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-08-14

Unfortunately, my voice in Australian politics has been louder than most of yours.  It shouldn’t be that way, given that many of you are better wordsmiths and have more knowledge than I.

Hands up those who have had strong feelings for or against any bill that’s been sent to committee.  If your hands are down, don’t read any further, go somewhere else.  My blog will bore you.

Hands down if you have contributed to a submission to a parliamentary inquiry.  I salute you.  Take this poll, give yourself a pat on the back, and go to another post.

The rest of you…yes, those of you who should still have your hands up…

The rest of you are a pack of WAR lovers and ONANISTS.  Writers Abrogating Responsibility, Opinionated Netters And Not In Senate Texts.  The government loves you as one of the "vast majority of Australians who support what the government is doing otherwise they would have written in to the inquiry and objected".

What have you done to make your voices heard where the politicians can’t ignore it and where your words are kept in the national archives (now THATS a blogsite!).

I shouldn’t have a whole item in a senate report directly quoting my words (4.12 of the Citizenship Testing Bill 2007 report) or listed in the footnotes next to the likes of the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law (Monash) or the Center for Human Rights Education (Curtin).

I shouldn’t be named four times in the Main Findings (section 5.2, 5.4, 5.5) of the inquiry into the Cluster Munitions prohibition bill, next to the likes of Austcare and Peace Action Australia.

I could go on about others (and the links is not fully updated yet), but you get the point.

I should only be one of "a thousand submissions supported the Cluster Munitions Prohibition Bill" or "100 submissions made the point that….

If you think I’m on the ball, lend me a hand!  If you think I’m an idiot, then drown me out!  But first, take this poll to indicate why you haven’t made a submission.

I might think the guy who wrote this submission is a carbuncle on our society, but at least I give him some grudging respect for taking some initiative and taking part.

Am I perfect?  No!  I make typos, especially when rushed like my comment on the NT Human Rights and Land Grab National Emergency Response inquiry, although, even with typos, I think my submission on the Citizenship Testing Bill was pretty good for an amateur.  I’m sure my opinions aren’t bulletproof, but at least I try.

I’m sure many of you could do better if you were bothered.  My HOWTO/FAQ page is here.

So, unless you get off your loathsome spotty behinds and make your voice heard where it cannot be denied (and under parliamentary privilege, what’s more), the STFU and GFY you ONANISTs, lovers of WAR!.


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