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Oz Uranium sales: India, Russia and Iran

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-08-17

Did you see Howard’s lop-sided smirk when mentioning safeguards for sales of Australian uranium to India?  For the rest of the announcement he kept a very straight face, indicating his true opinion of the "safeguards".

He couldn’t even contain the smirk to a micro-expression!

Together with Howard’s plan to sell uranium to Russia, a state suffering rising totalitarianism (Putin likes the new official history texts that rehabilitate Stalin’s reputation as "mobilizing all classes"), a state where black-market availability of nuclear materials is notorious, you have to wonder whether Howard is actually egging on nuclear weapons proliferation and a pretext for Australia itself becoming a nuclear weapons power.

Howard’s credibility on non-proliferation is a Cheshire cat: everything is fading except for the smirk.

Meanwhile, Iran, is a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and despite a few issues with IAEA inspections has stated it only intends peaceful use of nuclear technology.  Compare and contrast non-signatory India, which makes no secret of its intentions to continue weapons research, or even Israel which has a significant nuclear arsenal (estimated at 200 warheads, the same number as the UK) and is another non-signatory, and allows no IAEA inspections at all.

In such company, Iran looks like Mr Nice Guy – yet is being treated as Mr Nasty.

The hypocrisy astounds me.


One Response to “Oz Uranium sales: India, Russia and Iran”

  1. And should decisions of uranium sales be made at state or federal level…look at the mess created now when Marathon Resources was allowed to explore without proper consideration to the nature of the company. A background on the Mount Gee mine in the Arkaroola Sanctuary has received scant media coverage and no comment from either Rudd or Garret?

    And yes, independant assessment criteria would be closer to policy than what Australia is experiencing at the present which resembles yay olde gold rush of the 1850s…a bit messy!


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