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Of horses and humans

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-09-03

The Howard Regime is working on income support for workers affected by the impact of horse flu on the amount of work available within the horse racing industry (see ABC News 2007-09-01).

That’s all well and good, but I haven’t heard of any similar plans for income support when work dries up if bird flu hits.  Bird flu is an example of an epidemic where retail sales could be expected to plummet – especially in places where people gather such as eateries.

Income support is an essential component of any response to an epidemic, or for that matter the aftermath of a terrorist attack that took out power supplies or (in the worst possible scenario of a dirty bomb) made a retail, office or industrial precinct out-of-bounds.  It makes sense to have an idea of the financial impact and programs to implement them in place as soon as possible, especially as in such circumstances, government agencies will probably be crippled too and won’t have the resources to do the planning.


3 Responses to “Of horses and humans”

  1. Appu said

    This is the problem with agrarian socialism.
    When we can’t import bananas and have to pay three times as much we are asked to think about the struggling families. When worker’s are laid off in an abattoir, a clothing or footwear facility, it’s about re-skilling and moving with the globalisation of the economy. The wheat board and it’s shenanigans must go unopposed and unquestioned, the building workers must have a royal commission!
    If my corner shop goes bust – them’s the breaks but if Tab or tattersalls is threatened – bring in the taxpayer to foot the bill.

  2. Saso said

    Such shenanigans are to be expected. After all, we are the only country where a socially conservative, economically socialist party calls itself liberal. Go figure.

    Elections are coming! Elections are coming! Run for cover!

  3. […] "Of Horses and Humans" (2007-09-03) looks at the income support for racing workers when horse flu hit that industry – and the lack of talk about income support as part of the national response to bird flu.  […]

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