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Smallpox vaccine approvals implies bioware plans

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-09-10

The US FDA approval of a smallpox vaccine should provoke public concern and diplomatic action by nations such as Australia.

Smallpox (variola virus) was officially declared eradicated in 1979 by the WHO, supposedly exists only in secure laboratories, and the Sixteieth World Health Assembly STRONGLY REAFFIRMS the decisions of previous Health Assemblies that the remaining stocks of variola virus should be destroyed and lists a page and a half of dot points why this should be done.

Supposedly, if terrorism is the reason why smallpox stocks are maintained, then the only source of smallpox for terrorists is by theft from the highly-secured laboratories that keep the smallpox.  It would take almost no effort to completely remove the threat of theft by destroying the thing that could be stolen.

Why then are massive stockpiles been made of smallpox vaccines, if the threat to the world is easily removed completely – almost overnight?

There are only a few of reasons I can think of:

  • Countries that possess variola want to use it as a bio-weapon themselves.
  • Inspection of laboratories by WHO officials would reveal other research in contravention of biowarfare treaties.
  • Unnecessary funds are being funnelled to big pharma.

It is worth noting that lines of research and equipment to defend against a bug are very different from the those required to weaponize a bug – so there should be no objection by any country to inspections.

Countries like Australia should press for a UN inspectorate with real teeth that can destroy all smallpox stockpiles and discover any research by any country that contravenes these very important treaties.  The problem is that the most likely offenders are Russian, the USA (at places like Fort Dix) and the UK (at Porton Downs).


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