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Cats win – finally sinking in

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-10-04

After so many years of disappointment, it’s possibly predictable that many Geelong fans of my age are going through something analogous to the Kubler-Ross stages of grief for such a happy event. I’m just starting to get out of the "denial" phase and am starting to realize we actually won!  It wasn’t until about half-way through the third quarter that the pessimism created by so many disappointments started lifting, after preparing myself for the "oh no, not again" scenario.

As I was only three at the time, I can’t remember the last premiership, and my many ties to the club (my friend at primary school was Polly Farmer’s eldest, and I used to work at home games when I was a uni student) means that I’m a totally loyal cats fan, and used to perpetual disappointments.

I wish I’d been back in Geelong over the weekend and for home-town celebrations (Stories from GFC here, here, slideshows and vids of the pandaemonium here and here), but at my daughter and grandson shared the time with me.  While there was lots of celebration, and lots of alcohol in the town, there were hardly any arrests for either drunk-and-disorderly or drunk-driving.

What a year!! The only thing we didn’t win was the leading goal-kicker – but that’s an indication of the excellent, unselfish teamwork.

Go Cats 2008!


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