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A tale of two Kevins

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-10-05

With the Kevins (Andrews and Rudd) singing from the same xenophobic song-sheet regarding their novel interpretation of the word "refugee" to exclude those from Africa, it is becoming apparent that Rudd is probably no more honest than Howard.

Either Rudd’s 2006 essays in The Monthly that extolled a militant pastor who stood up to Hitler’s inhumanity, including the treatment of Jews is at odds with Rudd’s support of Kevin Andrews’ comments about African refugees that play on, if not promote, the racist attitudes all too common in many Australians.

I’d like to know which, the essay or recent ALP stances, comes from Rudd’s convictions, or indeed, if he has any apart from his own ambitions for himself rather than the country.

We’ve also seen the ALP support the proposed Gunns paper mill in Tasmania.

Unless the ALP is putting on a show of being unenlightened in the hope of doing good for the people, mirroring the Liberal’s show of being caring to distract from their nastier agenda, then neither of the major parties are truly fit for office.  Either way, both are dishonest.

The sad thing is that the ALP pollsters who craft the message to voters have decided that the great majority of Australian are selfish, mean-spirited, xenophobic, and unenlightened.  Ever sadder: they are probably right.

For my senate vote, which I fill in completely below the line to ensure preferences go my way, I’ll be putting the ALP barely ahead of the Liberals.  Even the Silly, Slightly Silly, Very Silly and Monster Raving Loony Parties of Monty Python fame will be placed higher in my preferences.

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8 Responses to “A tale of two Kevins”

  1. it is becoming apparent that Rudd is probably no more honest than Howard.

    Agreed, and I was taken aback to see that Rudd making some grandiloquent noise about taking Ahmadinejad to the ICJ for “inciting genocide”, citing the mistranslated “wipe off the map” canard. What claptrap, it just feeds into the demonisation of a country in service to the warmongers. This is the choice we’re given come election time?

  2. Dave Bath said

    Good point about Rudd and the ICJ. Thanks. I hadn’t come across this.

    I’m planning a post on the hypocrisy of the treatment of Iran (a democracy, although with some flaws) on issues such as their search for nuclear power, arguing that general criteria should be declared to decide on action (including sanctions, fuel sales, etc) rather than on a country by country basis. You’ve pushed this higher up on my todo list.

    I’ll also note that the Ahm-in-a-dinner-jacket is one of the few world leaders to actually walk the streets of New York without much of a security presence and actually engage people in conversation – most of his interlocutors didn’t even twig he was a national leader because he was so unpretentious.

  3. Yes, Rudd’s reaction was extraordinarily disappointing. :( Doing whatever he needs to keep the vote of the “ordinary person”…what happened to standing up for your principles? I guess that article in The Monthly was just so much hot air…

    Re Ahmadinejad – it can’t be denied that the man has a problem with Israel and Jews generally. He is certainly an anti-Semite. But as far as I know he hasn’t actually perpetrated any physical acts of genocide against Jews, just made outrageous statements and organised Holocaust denial conferences with the Ku Klux Klan in attendance. Unpleasant behaviour…but…I think it’s unhelpful to push for Ahmedinejad to be prosecuted by the ICJ – it would just increase his status in the Middle East as a martyr bullied by the Zionists and the US. There’s other currents here – Iran is Persian rather than Arab, and is trying to assert a dominance in Middle Eastern politics. Ahmedinejad’s behaviour is partly fired by that. He loves the aggression and hawkishness of the US – it feeds right into his plans.

    In any case, I can’t recall the last time any country took any notice of an ICJ judgment. It makes all kinds of rulings, but no one seems to take any notice. It’s a toothless tiger.

  4. Dave Bath said


    "I guess that article in The Monthly was just so much hot air…"

    Perhaps Rudd’s essay was aimed more at the enlightened voters (readers of essays and reviews of essays who had swung to the Dems and Greens) rather than the “ordinary Australian” (now tautologically the “ordinary redneck Australian”).

  5. Dave, definitely got to admire Ahma-dinner-jacket’s humility on the point you made. He may be a loose cannon but he’s hardly the demon figure he’s being made out to be.

    If I may ask Legal Eagle, do you have a link showing that the KKK were in attendance at the Iranian Holocaust conference? David Duke was a former KKK member, but hasn’t been for a long time. Just interested in knowing more about how you’ve formed your judgment: I’m not sure Ahmadinejad is an anti-Semite.

  6. Guy said

    I think Rudd is in “don’t screw up” mode at the moment, so close to the election being called. Labor don’t want a repeat of the last election, where misplaced stances on principle from opposition bakcfired and costed them votes.

    I certainly think you’re right about Rudd not really walking the talk when it comes to a number of these issues. But I also think (or at least I hope), that the stance he would take as a just-elected PM would be different to the stance he is taking now; as an Opposition Leader trying desperately not to hand a tired government another three years in office.

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