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Brain-dead bulls, Power-grabbing Putin

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-10-05

Two excellent articles in The Economist worth reading (they are only freely available for a few days) that expand on my distaste for Putin, and my thoughts that market bulls are plain stupid if they think the credit-crunch is over:

I’ve included synopses/titbits.  Both are from 2007-10-04.

  • Bad-news bulls
    Stockmarkets are breaking records again as if the credit crisis were ancient history. If only it were.

    The markets seem to think that the credit crisis is over, but they’re wrong… Problems in the housing markets are far from over, too… Stockmarkets might be able to rise above the problems of the credit markets. But whether they could gain ground in the face of foreign-exchange market turmoil as well seems a lot more doubtful.
  • Democracy, Soviet-style
    The Russian people are readier for democracy than Vladimir Putin will allow.

    Russia’s president makes it clear how he plans to hang on to power – Mr Putin’s slide into autocracy since he became Russia’s president in December 1999 is well documented, as are his background in and his zealous promotion of the Russian secret service.

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