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Integration? Clash or Counterpoint?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-10-11

It seems both major political parties are happy enough to pander to, and even cosset, barely-disguised racism in many Australians.  This is not merely ignoble, but contrary to our best interest.

We should look to the fruits of cross-pollination and delights of counterpoint from our varied cultural heritages, rather than promote discord and self-inflicted petrification by talking of the clash of cultures, about failures to assimilate.

Insularity has never yet advanced economics, arts, sciences, or peace.

Even in genetic matters, we talk of hybrid and mongrel vigor, while acknowledging that purebred bloodlines become enfeebled and disease-prone.  For example, while we can joke about sister-loving Taswegians and point to their high incidence of Huntington’s, yet even that tragic disease gives the slight reproductive advantage by symptoms in early adulthood of decreased discretion, greater promiscuity, and hence more children.  The even more inbred (they would say exclusive) Ashkenazi Jews maintain a disease with no known selective advantage, even with heterozygotes, for individuals or groups: Tay-Sachs.

Anyone seeking short-term advantage from xenographic populism, be they politicians or commercial media, are damaging the country in the medium and long terms, even ultimately decreasing the fitness of future generations.

Perhaps the most proximal effects on our economy will be because a growing reputation for racism and intolerance decreases the attractiveness of our country as a destination for non-caucasian students and tourists.  These markets are a very significant source of income compared to agricultural products such as wheat, yet more at risk with changing consumer sentiment while less vulnerable to climate change.  Remember too that it is largely the growing wealth of middle-class asians that are the growth areas of these important markets.

Which politicians (or pundit in the tabloid media) will stand up, act in the national interest, and teach the illiterati the lessons of history?

It’s not a matter of policy that differs between left and right wings, not merely a matter of doing the right thing, but, even if only for selfish, short-term economic reasons, just good sense.

NB: This is an extension of my thoughts relating to A tale of two Kevins 2007-10-05.


2 Responses to “Integration? Clash or Counterpoint?”

  1. Yes, Dave, ‘cross pollination’ as you put it is beneficial. However, immigration needs to be put through a simple acid test: is it win-win? Both the immigrants and the receiving country should benefit from this process. If it doesn’t work for, say, the next three generations then those particular immigrants aren’t worth having, especially when there are any number of places we can source immigrants from. Any reference to how much better the country will be 400 years down the track is irrelevant. No one knows what is going to happen then, and this is just the standard unrealistic left-wing view of immigration through rose-coloured glasses. This is a more accurate reflection of the current immigration debate. It’s not just a bunch of racists ignoring the beauty of the left-wing vision as so many lefties want to think.

  2. Dave Bath said

    Mick: Actually, I’m against immigration, even for white-anglo-saxons, because I think the land and water can’t even support the current population.

    As to "400 years" down the track, the Tasmanian Huntington’s prevalence happened (from rough memory) because of a single person in the mid-1800s.

    My point was not about absolute numbers, but the benefits of diversity, and the risks to national income (notably tourism) if we appear racist.

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