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Popular posts – last month

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-10-14

Here are the more popular posts over the last 30 days, with a few general pages culled.  Again, I’m really pleased that my Gilgamesh piece, including an ultra-short rendering of the epic, is number 1.

  1. The first literature, the must-read: Gilgamesh (2007-08-10)
  2. A tale of two Kevins (2007-10-05)
  3. Pell’s Quadrant essay is sooooo wrong (2007-09-05)
  4. Can Popeye rescue the health budget? (2007-07-20)
  5. The US Fed, lowering interest, the scam (2007-08-28)
  6. What battlers should ask (2007-09-19)
  7. If only Castro had run the world, not just Cuba (2007-03-11)
  8. Bioethics Prof wants reproductive cloning legalized (2007-07-25)
  9. Review of David Marr’s "His Masters Voice" – QE26 (2007-06-08)
  10. Darn "The Economist" : No Mr Bean on web (2007-08-06)
  11. Climate-Clever Con (2007-10-03)
  12. Gardasil: we also need a vaccine for hypochondriasis (2007-05-25)
  13. Weasel-stop interview (2007-08-12)
  14. Smileys and Frownies becoming obsolete (2007-07-19)
  15. GDP : Missing "home" production and "smarts" (2007-06-12)

More links ordered by popularity over the page….

Drat! WP doesn’t maitain the "ol start=" attribute, so you’ll have to add 15 to all of the numbers below…. :-(

I’d also put the renewed interest in Castro as a sustainability guru to a recent (2007-10-03) article in a New Scientist article which reviews recent studies, and says:

WE DON’T need environmental evangelicals to tell us that sustainable development is a good idea. Yet, if that is our goal, we are heading in the wrong direction – with the exception of Cuba. So says the first study to examine the ecological impact of changing lifestyles around the globe.

  1. Placement in the political/economic spectrum (2007-07-31)
  2. China and Blackstone – Communists to control capitalism (2007-10-05)
  3. Haneef vilification sketches: Updated (2007-07-17)
  4. Contrarian view of the Dalai Lama (2007-06-20)
  5. I’m swinging from unripe Greens (2007-10-12)
  6. Per-capita CO2 Emission Standards? (2007-06-02)
  7. Don’t mention the Anderson/Wild report (2007-08-17)
  8. KAL and the Chinese reserve (2007-08-14)
  9. Haneef sketches : Herald-Sun racial prejudice (2007-07-16)
  10. Biased court drawings and re-enactments: How far is too far? (2007-07-21)
  11. Murdoch press goes after extinct species (2007-07-19)
  12. Climate change may not be our worst problem (2007-05-27)
  13. Bears stern, dragon happy, bulls hit (2007-08-26)
  14. Expensive propaganda needs controls (2007-10-03)
  15. Diagnosing Pessimism (2007-09-12)
  16. Acting on Loony Citizenship Testing Submissons (2007-10-03)
  17. Brain-dead bulls, Power-grabbing Putin (2007-10-05)
  18. Smallpox vaccine approvals implies biowarfare plans (2007-09-10)
  19. Graduate underemployment and Andrew Norton (2007-07-11)
  20. Economics of political assassination (2007-08-27)
  21. Motive for baby bonus explained? (2007-08-08)
  22. Slate: Cool/weird/worrying DARPA stuff (2007-08-09)
  23. Integration? Clash or Counterpoint? (2007-10-11)
  24. Humor
  25. Energy Efficiency Trading Scheme Bill Open For Comment (2007-08-28)
  26. Harvard Economics Prof Slams Workchoices (2007-10-12)
  27. Dawkins v God (2) (2007-05-30)
  28. Sustainability
  29. Parliamentary Library on Cannabis
  30. Economics and Business
  31. Favorites

Of course, you can always look for an otherwise-ignored gem with by using the Random Post function!


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