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A proposal for Rudd

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-10-15

Behaving as feudal lord rather than primus inter pares, Rudd, happy enough to jettison ALP traditions, (e.g. caucus factions selecting ministers and the PM only assigning them), should overturn another ALP practice, and allow ALP politicians to cross the floor without expulsion from the party.

Too long have I watched ALP members showing a peculiar form of hypocrisy, praising others such as Petro Georgiou for crossing the floor principle while regarding such actions among themselves as treasonous.

By allowing this, which would be fairly painless if polls’ predictions of an ALP landslide victory are correct, Rudd could dramatically improve my opinion of ALP members because it would be easier to believe their words reflected their own opinions rather than merely acting as mouthpieces for the caucus decisions.

After all, what’s just another bit of me-tooism by Rudd, assenting to a part of Liberal Party practice that would impress not only those of the right, but those of both centre and left?  Indeed, if Rudd made such a commitment before the election, it might turn a mere landslide into an avalanche, and make a few members crossing the floor have almost no impact.

Then again, the way Rudd is going, if his policies remain the same as during his time in opposition, any ALP members crossing the floor to vote against a government bill will be outnumbered by conservative members crossing the floor to vote with Rudd.


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