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CEO and CFO of Oz : Rate them!

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-10-25

Imagine that Australia was a company, Howard & Costello were CEO and CFO, look at the following graphs, think about what would happen to such managers in the private sector:

Ballooning debt

Balance becoming blood red

More bankrupts

More household debt

Workers getting less of the pie

Now imagine what would happen if the CEO and CFO trotted such graphs out at an AGM and said that the company has never had it so good and they were brilliant managers!  You can bet that the CEO and CFO would make their presentation by video link rather than in person so they could avoid the significant risk of being lynched!

And even if the shareholders didn’t throttle them, you can bet that ASIC would be taking action for being so misleading!

It’s a pity the graphs don’t go back to 1996, or even 1990.  Does anybody out there have the data and want to post the graphs so we can all make proper judgements?

The data is taken from Parliamentary Monthly Economic and Social Indicators.  The links will probably point to very different images after one month, so if the links look weird, go here and browse…  What a pity we can’t all get the spreadsheets!


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