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Sense about the tax cuts – from a brave pollie

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-10-25

Finally, Some sense from a politician about the blegabuck tax cuts reported by the ABC 2007-10-24, pointing out that the tax cuts proposed by the ALP and Coalition are bad for the economy and people. Lyn Allison (Dem), risking the ire of voters who love being porked, said:

Both parties have added to that interest rate pressure with their shameless vote buying… Treasury has warned about election campaigns triggering bad policy decisions and true to form they [the major parties] are both rolling them out… Re-direct expenditure to where it is badly needed – in health and education… Restrict tax relief to low income pensioners, carers and working Australians… $34 billion worth of pork-barrelling plus many billions more without adequate attention to inflationary pressure means we’ll all end up paying for it in the end.

I couldn’t agree more.  Allison could only have been more accurate about the state of things by commenting about electors’ attitudes picked up by focus groups run by the majors – but saying such things out loud would be a politician shooting h{er|im}self in the head, not the foot.

It’s refreshing to see a politician saying exactly the opposite of what the major party strategists have figured out the electorate wants to hear.

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