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Szechuan Skippy and the Parliamentary Inquiry

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-10-28

The Senate Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Committee have opened up an appropriately large window for an Inquiry into Climate Change and the Australian Agricultural Sector that deserves many well-considered submissions.  I’m thinking of reworking the thoughts of "Szechuan Skippy Anyone?" as I think roo farming (and eating) is one topic unlikely to gain attention, yet involves significant environmental and economic benefits, especially given the forecasts from the IPCC.

I’m after comments from readers on the benefits of roo farming and any suggestions for schemes that might help farmers migrate from environmentally-damaging hoofed quadrupeds, and recommend you first also read the original post at the DeadRoo which has much useful feedback from someone who has looked into the economic and environmental effects of roo farming.

More importantly, I hope that many of you will consider making a submission, or at least, if you are associated with any groups with an economic, environmental, and/or farming interest, pushing your group to make a submission.

Here is the blurb from the terms of reference:

On 19 September 2007, the Senate referred the following matter to the Rural and Regional Services and Transport Committee for inquiry and report by 30 June 2008

  1. the scientific evidence available on the likely future climate of Australia’s key agricultural production zones, and its implications for current farm enterprises and possible future industries;
  2. the need for a national strategy to assist Australian agricultural industries to adapt to climate change; and
  3. the adequacy of existing drought assistance and exceptional circumstances programs to cope with long-term climactic changes.

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