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Parliamentary Inquiry for Citizen Feedback Blog

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-10-29

All Australian bloggers with an interest in politics should be aware of, and probably participate in the current consultation process by the government to create a blog mechanism for citizens to engage in policy development.

Responses will be accepted until 2007-12-01, with the report due early 2008.

Gary Nairn, minister inter alia for the excellent (because of staff, not the executive) Australian Government Information Management Office, is pushing for such mechanisms for citizen engagement, and I urge you to read through the discussion paper (which covers issues like moderation rules, publication of responses, yadayadayada),available here.

One thing I’ll note is that I’d hate to see the existing formal method of making submissions to parliament disappear.  If the volume of messages to government increases, the quality will probably go down, and this may give governments the opportunity to ignore the more scathing perceptive analysis as the government can claim to be "too busy" reading over everything.

Mind you, the existing process still permits idiotic rants, as compared to what I regard as a reasonable submission by myself here that got directly quoted in the majority report for that inquiry (item 4.12 here).

I’ll be updating this post with various specific details.

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