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Andrew Robb BS about so-called tough economy

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-10-30

ABC Lateline’s interview with Andrew Robb (2007-10-29) left me gobsmacked when Robb started spouting about how the Howard/Costello government has been a good economic manager through difficult economic times.

What???  Apart from some pretty shocking economic figures (Rate the CEO and CFO of Oz) that tell me the economy is tick, tick, ticking and will go "Boom!" all too soon, the "difficult times" is rubbish.

I posted some time ago (The Economist damns Howard with faint praise 2007-05-17) that the most reputable economic journalists in the world think Howard has had an easy ride, and The Economist (2007-10-18) again pointed out that Chinese demand is the driver, not Howard’s government.

Steering the economy through a boom fuelled largely by China’s demand for Australia’s minerals has served Mr Howard well up to now.

… or, another gem in the same article …

Mr Howard’s tendency to use budget surpluses to throw money at voters in marginal seats shows a reckless side that has probably hurt as many voters as it has helped.

Frankly, with Chinese demand for raw materials, Australia should be as profitable as a knocking shop when the US Navy is in town… cashed up, putting in new mattresses, … instead, while lots of customers have definitely been getting their jollies, we have been running a massive deficit, the mattresses have got springs poking out of them, and the showers are running dry.

The general belief that Howard is a good and cautious manager of the economy in the national interest, when the most authoritative journal-of-record on economic matters describes him as "reckless" says much about the excellent capabilities of the Liberal Party spinsters, the gutlessness of the ALP to engage in robust economic debate, and the ignorance of the Australian public.


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