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Excellent LP post on Oz military procurement incompetence

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-10-30

I strongly recommend the 2007-10-30 post on LP by Robert Merkel, that discusses Australia’s incompetent spending on military hardware, kicked off by the 4-corners program that explored this incompetence using the Super-Hornet scandal.

To help get the gory details on the Howard/Costello regime’s dangerous and expensive military incompetence, so you can point out to the nongs who think Howard has made Australian militarily strong (rather than aggressive but weak), read the earlier LP posts in the same thread, the 4-corners transcript, my 2007-03-31 post wondering if this was incompetence or corruption (probably both).

If you are interested in the Super Hornet, I strongly recommend you visit the Australian Strategic Policy Institute and put "Super Hornet" in the search box.  This paper (2007-02-13) has a lot of details, including comparative costs of the SuperHornet to the F-22 Raptor (which the US would let us buy if they actually liked us), and pointing out the significant lack of commonality of parts between the Hornets (which we’ve had for a while) and the SuperHornets – despite the similar names.


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