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My real election issue – revisited

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-11-11

A while back I wrote about My Real Election Issue (2007-03-05).  Sadly, the HowRudd parties have joined together in ignoring what I see as the basic issues.  I’d rather people read the original post, but here is a snippet or two.

The current PM, the cabinet, and each supportive member of the coalition party room have not only presided over a period of growing greed, envy, distrust, and unconcern, the fragmentation of the social fabric that might allow support of each other, but claim pride in their efforts and such outcomes.

The majority of our fellows so far accept this, despite the unadmitted pains of cognitive dissonance, the necessary consequence of collective hypocrisy.

The opposition has offered merely different appeals to the same shared hell, has lacked the guts to make us face our hollowing hearts, or the understanding that only by forcing reflection on who we are, can we be moved to accept the inconveniences of policies needed for our own, our families’, and our nation’s causes for content and honest self-respect.

But, near the opening, is the real question:

My concerns are about the nature of the people I pass on the street, those I am squashed against in trams and trains. I ponder their collective soul. I wonder whether they want good leaders, mere administrators, or worse, accept those who most convincingly promise sated quests for empty affluence. I worry if Australia will use the poll to show capacity for Love, or at least reject Hate.

Unfortunately, the major parties do not address such questions, and have been reckless in their promises about whether the money goes.  Neither of the major parties looks like even being a competent administrator.

And the people will accept "those who most convincingly promise sated quests for empty affluence." O tempores, O mores.


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