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SBS program promotes terrorism

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-11-11

Regressive-oppressives in the Coalition have long railed against the perceived leftist and terrorist-supporting types in the ABC and SBS, and I must wonder if they’ll react with outrage at an SBS program airing tonight that will give blatant praise of a terrorist cell and its objectives.

It’s a drama (based on fact) about an attempt to use explosives to kill a popularly-elected Western leader at a time when the nation was under direct threat.  The bomber was from a family with strong religious traditions, that in part fueled his hatred of the elected government.

The bomber thought that the elected leadership was immoral, irreligious, incited racism, had destroyed the concepts of justice by using summary detention, torture and killings, was engaging in military adventurism, was corrupt, and was leading the country into economic ruin.

The hope was that by blowing up the elected leader, it would be possible to negotiate with the forces outside the nation that were engaged in a vicious bombing campaign that was killing lots of innocent civilians.

The arguments of this bomber, who will doubtless be lauded as a heroic martyr by the SBS program, had some merit, but the plans and actions of the bomber and his cell of co-conspirators meet every single one of the criteria used by the government of the US (and Australia) to define a terrorist, and therefore, according to Oz and US logic, people like this bomber should have no recourse to normal legal process.

The timing of this program by SBS could be seen as provocative at a time when John Howard’s executive has been promoting arbitrary detention, promoting (however tacit the dog-whistles) intolerance and violence against those who do not share the characteristics of the "vast majority of Australians" in racial heritage and religion, and has been leading us into foreign military adventures (which we are losing) – all because we are in a "war" with those of other nations who apparently detest our values and are jealous of our progress and national unity.

Actually, I expect the right wingers to be remarkably silent about the program.  It’s about von Stauffenberg.


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