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Rudd fails Mandarin Test: Major supplement added

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-11-13

I’ve put a fairly large and significant postscript (not an edit) to my 2007-11-12 post Rudd fails Mandarin Test, after just reading a paper from a Reserve Bank of Australia conference a few years back, The Determinants of Long-Run Growth, and put a few choice quotes and bits of bolding.

The quotes strengthen my criticism of Rudd’s "education revolution", and Howard’s profligacy as just training people up (or perhaps merely keeping them off the street), rather than get value for the spending by actually ensuring programs to deploy trained people in R&D, by both government and business.

I’d also note that after my post, I read yesterday’s The Murdochian which talked of a soon-to-be-released report, a shocking report that details a 30% drop in the number of people doing doctorates.

I’m unsure if this is Australians doing doctorates, or doctorates done in Oz.


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