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Might ALP win save the world?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-11-23

An ALP win and ratification of Kyoto before the Bali conference, thus leaving the USA with no other climate-recalcitrants to use as a pretext, might put significant pressure on the USA to ratify Kyoto as well.

I’d also note that the Democrats could be considered more ambitious with regard to carbon control (mentioning a 90% reduction by 2050) than the Greens (who talk of a 80% reduction), which is the same target as the Republican governor of Florida.


One Response to “Might ALP win save the world?”

  1. Guy said

    For all the “oh God” sentiment that was flying around when Arnie nominated for governor, he has actually been considerably better than the average US Republican would be.

    I am sceptical that Australia ratifying Kyoto will be enough to make the US do the same, although one would think that if the Democrats win next year, a relatively united Western world front would probably go some way towards forcing their hand.

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