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“The Economist” talks sh*t, in a good way

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-11-29

I missed seeing a great article in The Economist that was all about eco-friendly toilets.  "Creative kazis" (2007-11-05) is a good read.  Here are a couple of quotes, but I recommend you read it for all the serious bits.

There are few international conferences these days at which delegates can hope to be presented with a souvenir ball of dried human faeces.  Indeed the World Toilet Summit, which was convened in Delhi last week, may be the only one.

It will be tough. About 2.6 billion people—about one-third of the world’s population—currently lack this convenience. According to Bindeshwar Pathak, SISSO’s founder, the result is some 200m tonnes of human excrement a year left lying in the open—an obvious health hazard.

At a cost of 500,000 Indian rupees ($12,675), bio-digesters require at least 300 toilet users a day to produce enough gas to generate an economically viable amount of electricity.


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