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“The Economist” says “Ruddy Good Show”

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-11-30

In my email intray from The Economist (you can sign up for the email newsletter here or for an RSS feed of headlines), the "Politics this week" newsletter has, with the headline "RUDDY GOOD SHOW" a teaser that points to the main article "Rudd, glorious Rudd!".

Darn, but they love puns in headlines!

Here is the teaser from the newsletter:

After 11 years as AUSTRALIA’S prime minister, John Howard lost an election to Kevin Rudd’s Labor Party. Mr Rudd marked his victory by accepting an invitation to this month’s climate-change meeting in Bali, and by promising to make a formal apology to Australia’s indigenous people for past mistreatment

The subheader for the article is "Why the Labor leader won a landslide and what he might do now", and includes the following deep in the article:

Voters were clearly unimpressed by the Howard government’s scare campaign that Labor was inexperienced, a slave to unions and would mess up the miracle. That is understandable: Mr Rudd is in the tradition of market-based reforms that Labor governments introduced in the 1980s and early 1990s, underpinning the boom of the Howard years.

Yep, the highly-respected love-free-trade anti-socialist journal gives Hawke and Keating all the credit.  But, at the same time, they give the population too much credit.

Hugh White, of the Lowy Institute, a Sydney think-tank, recalls Mr Rudd from his diplomatic days as a realist: "He’s always regarded foreign affairs as about the exercise of power."


The related story (Australia’s Political Upheaval) makes the following comment that is worth noting:

This may have been one of the first national elections in which global warming was a political issue for big parties. It will not be the last.


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