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Who is Jiminy Cricket?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-11-30

Is Brendon Nelson a Pinocchio with "Old Nick" Minchin pulling the strings and playing Geppetto?

Of course, Minchin himself is a puppet of the likes of Hugh Morgan.  Unlike Geppetto, Minchin doesn’t want Nelson to become real, for that would mean Nelson would get a heart.

Nelson makes an excellent puppet, willing to do anything and already proven to have no principles or ethics: ditching the Hippocratic Oath of medical professionals to, as defence minister, ordering inevitable deaths as Minister for Defence.  I always found this odd.  It’s even against military tradition: when becoming a medical sergeant in cadets, I refused to pick up a weapon, despite repeated orders, until a relatively senior officer was called in to rebuke me, but instead pointed out that my stance was correct and the whole lot of the squad of candidate medical sergeants were then marched away from the rifle range.

So, Nelson has sold his soul.  Julie Bishop, his deputy, is also a soul-seller, as she was a managing partner within Clayton-Utz, a "dark side" legal firm that defends the tobacco industry.  (See Clayton-Utz faces criminal investigation – ABC, 2006).  Still, the document shredding scandal at Clayton Utz is consistent with the Howard Liberal government tradition of denials of knowledge.

It comes as no surprise that Minchin went into action, successfully doing everything he could to stop Turnbull (whom lefty me regards as showing some principles and backbone) getting the leadership of the Liberal Party.

So, who is Jiminy Cricket?  Turnbull?  Petro Georgiou?


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