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Electoral Abuse – More provisionals rejected

Posted by Dave Bath on 2007-12-29

This link to Australian Policy Online has a good discussion of the rise of rejections of provisional votes in the last election.

rising from about 50 per cent to about 86 per cent

That’s not good.  It would be worse if the stats took into account those that were actively discouraged from seeking a provisional vote (like my daughter, who had registered, but was chasing things up).

In antediluvian times when I worked as a polling official (and my dad did too), the attitude was always "everybody is entitled to make a provisional vote" and the attitude in the back office at the AEC was to try and make them count rather than try to reject them.

As an aside, it’s fairly obvious why pollies don’t worry about the homeless… there are no votes in it!


One Response to “Electoral Abuse – More provisionals rejected”

  1. opit said

    Russia had polling fraud last time around. Since the U.S. Republicans started making a science of rigging elections by disenfranchising people in the 80’s, polling is becoming more of a farce every election. ( Can’t slow the wheels of ‘progress’ )

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