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Sue Big Carbon like Big Tobacco

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-01-03

Just as "Big Tobacco" and their executives were hauled before US parliamentary inquiries (I can’t remember whether Congress or Senate), lied under oath, refused to admit their own research, and have been sued by various US states and individuals around the world, perhaps it is time to take to task in a similar manner "Big Carbon", their executives, and those politicians who have likewise wilfully hidden or ignored impeccable research available to them.

I say "Big Carbon" because I include not only the famous "Big Oil", but other profiteers from carbon production and usage: coal, petrol-driven cars, etc.

Even if there are not any governments suing "Big Carbon", it is probable that class actions could be initiated by those affected by climate degradation, notably insurance companies, who have probably already been hit hard by claims, a proportion of which could already be assigned to climate change by actuarial means.  It is even possible that the actuarial information available to insurance companies can allow those affected by climate change, but not compensated through claims (either uninsured or through excesses), to be included as litigants in a class action.

Even if not actually initiated, information about preparatory work for such actions might prompt politicians to move with greater urgency.

Individuals within the "Big Carbon" cabal, notably the current US administration of Bush the Lesser, have been proven to have tampered research reports from their own agencies, and have been proven to ignore the unanimous advice of the scientific community.  This allows individual culpability to be assigned.

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