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Cycles and Trains

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-01-11

The Victorian government is wrong to ban cycles from trains during peak hour, but cyclists are wrong to expect such large items to be carried for nothing.

We should also consider that cycles on a metropolitan train present a considerable safety risk.

Only a few decades back, cycles always required a concession ticket.  On country trains, they travelled in the parcels carriage.  On metropolitan trains, they were not permitted on packed peak hour trains.

Since then, there is a much greater need to allow cycles on metropolitan trains, because of environmental concerns, as well as to help get a healthier population.  Strangely, cycles no longer need tickets.

However, the argument by metropolitan rail operators that cycles should not be allowed on peak hour trains because of overcrowding is merely an excuse for not providing enough rolling stock and enough services.

If cycles caused overcrowding, then, as cycles weigh less than people, the trains would not be travelling overloaded, dangerously above safety limits, so often.

However, on metropolitan trains, cycles should be secured, vertically, so they do not swing about, and passengers are unlikely to fall into them if the train jolts.

Yippee!  Feeling smart today.  On my 40 minute tram trip got 70% of the Age Friday DA cryptic done!  (His cryptics are so nasty there are regular complaints published in the Letters to the Editor.) 


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