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Touch up groins – then see what happens

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-01-16

Alison Cameron’s op-ed piece in The Age (2008-01-16) describes how celeb magazines touch up the images of their subjects to change body shape, including nose length, and removing post-Christmas bulges, and notes that this contributes to an irrational aesthetic that can harm women, particularly girls.

Never mind that for rags that concentrate on the superficial, this is intentionally misleading journalism, their actions on body shape should at least be done irrespective of gender.

I wonder if there might be any pressure from public and politicians if such rags also starting enhancing the body shape of males to an unreasonable aesthetic, putting in bulges that extend almost to the knee?


One Response to “Touch up groins – then see what happens”

  1. Zombinol said

    Slightly on topic, David Beckham who is apparently an English soccer hunk, caused a sensation by posing in revealing white undies for Emporio Armani, and has appeared in new shots – and they’re not quite as impressive.

    Looks like Posh isn’t the only bag to touch up his bulge in a rag!

    I’m not going to explain what Wonderjocks (,23663,20682609-5007192,00.html)- can do without a touch up!

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