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EU carbon plan challenges AU and US

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-01-30

The recent EU decision to determine carbon allowances between countries on a per-capita basis is sensible, equitable, and will put huge pressure on people in profligate states like Australia and the US.

It is worth noting that industry has welcomed these proposals.

Interestingly, they have tweaked it to not be a raw per-capita, but a per-capita GDP.  In my lefty view this benefits those economies that do not depend on hyperactive money to boost their GDP – and is therefore slightly biased to socialized nations – no bad thing!

This approach (as discussed here, here and here) will be welcome by regions (like China and India) that might be populous and large emitters in absolute terms because of large populations, but where per-capita emissions are low.

This precedent by the EU will be pushed by developing nations in post-Kyoto negotiations.  Australia and the US, the two worst per-capita emitters will be heavily pressured to accept per-capita emissions as the basis for negotiations.  With any luck, refusal to accept per-capita metrics could lead Australia, the US, and similar vandals to be labelled as rogue states, or even "eco-terrorist" nations, and bear the brunt of strong economic sanctions until we mend our ways.

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