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Gilgamesh chugs along

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-02-03

While I’m grateful to those regulars who go for the political rants in this blog, it’s kind of nice that an artsy-fartsy post is getting steady readership.  My notes on the Gilgamesh epic, its relevance to the modern world, and my very short rendering seems to have been a worthwhile exercise.

If anyone has thoughts about which stanzas need the most rework to improve parsing, I welcome the criticism and will try to make them better.  If anyone has suggestions for improvements, feel free to make them, or publish you’re modified version elsewhere (as long as we link to each other’s sites).

So, thanks to the readers, I hope there are a few that have got tips for assignments, and I hope a few who were unaware of our oldest literature were encouraged to find out more.


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