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Joh Brumby

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-02-03

Victoria’s Premier should be renamed "Joh" Brumby as he seems to be becoming a southern reincarnation of Queensland’s late unlamented Premier.  Secrecy and shiftiness abound.  Now Brumby is spending big time on a "Mega media monitor set to watch all of us" (The Sunday Age, 2008-01-03).

Government mouthpiece Alison Crossweller said it is …

important that Government received accurate and up-to-date information on media reports, whether they be internet posts, weblogs or podcasts.

If Joh Brumby want’s to know what Victorians think, perhaps he could make it easy to make submissions to (hopefully more frequent) parliamentary inquiries.  I’ve tried to find a consolidated page or RSS of inquiries, but it seems you have to go to individual pages for each separate committee first!  The Commonwealth has been doing much better.

This makes Johnny Howard look like a fan of open government and public consultation.

So, to start things off, here is something for Big Joh Brumby’s media watchers…

Brumby is leading a government that is fostering corruption, if not engaged in it.  He is dismantling any real democracy we had.  The inquiries and the scrutiny of decisions are a joke.  Why don’t he just ‘fess up and repeal the FoI laws!  Next Victorian election, this lefty will be putting the Liberals higher on my preference list than Labor!

If anyone knows a syndicated feed on inquiries, reports, or even a single page that lists all current inquiries (as well as those recently completed) across all Victorian committees, please let me know.

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4 Responses to “Joh Brumby”

  1. Bruce said

    Disappointing to say the least. One of the most common reasons Liberal state Governments were chucked out were these kinds of break downs in accountability mechanisms.

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