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Why don’t we have a Google car in Oz?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-02-03

If Australian governments want to make our economy and environment better, we should be doing things like inventing, or at least manufacturing, things like the Tesla Electric Sportscar, built by the geeks who started Google and PayPal.  There is certainly a demand for such products.

The next version of the Tesla will be a family version, with an optional solar cell for the garage so you never even have to charge your car using mains power (as long as you do under 70k per day).

I’m not one for plugging commercial products, but I’ve got to wonder why car manufacturers let tooled-up plants close (like the Ford factory in my home town of Geelong).

Meanwhile, sun-deprived Germany is getting more solar power than any other country, and is developing a huge export market for the technology fostered by decent tax government incentives.

So, Rudd, do you have any plans to emulate successful German methods in the development of products we can earn real money with, and save the environment?

If Barry Jones was dead, he’d be rolling in his grave.


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