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Good questions needed first

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-02-05

Perhaps two Rudd gabfests would be better than one – the first to figure out the best questions.

In many disciplines, run-of-the-mill or vague questions rarely lead to innovative solutions.  Often, it is the lack of an inspired question from out of the left field that is the stumbling block.

Mind you, there are a couple of vague questions I would put to start with:

  • Given our relatively high world rankings in the education of our workforce, what has prevented the nation from generating income from value-added, innovative products?
  • Might the lack of long-term thinking (admitted by many) be due to education that includes study of
    • piecemeal topics, rather than examination of large-scale issues, e.g. history not just of a century or two, but millenia; and
    • concrete topics and "facts" rather than abstract topics and practice at developing conclusions from first principles?

One Response to “Good questions needed first”

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