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Happy New Year

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-02-07

Happy new year from this rat-in-residence! Gong-hee-faa-choi (or however it is supposed to be spelt). 新年快乐

My favorite type of rat, the big white Wistar, at wikimedia (Original source: National Cancer Institute).

Here’s the story about rats and the Chinese New Year:
The rat was given the task of inviting the animals to report to the Jade Emperor (in some legends, Buddha) for a banquet to be selected for the zodiac signs. The rat won the race by riding on the back of the ox until just before the finish line, when it jumped of the end of the ox’s nose, and it claimed first place in the competition.

(Yep, I’m a rat, was in primary school when Armstrong landed on the Moon, so you know my age!)


5 Responses to “Happy New Year”

  1. And to you, fellow Rat. I hope this Earth Rat year treats you well.

  2. zombinol said


  3. Dave Bath said

    “Earth” rat?

    Got a translation? [Did you cheat by asking someone?]

  4. Yes, Chinese astrology incorporates elements like Western astrology, and this year is an Earth Rat year as was 1948. The last Rat year, 1996, was a Fire Rat year. The elements are also supposed to confer certain characteristics upon the year and the persons born in that year.

  5. Dave Bath said

    Official Happy New Year from the Australian Government

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