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Julie Bishop and David Hicks

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-02-08

Julie Bishop, Deputy leader of the federal Liberal Party made a comment on ABC Lateline (2008-02-07) that implies she should think that David Hicks was unfairly treated.

Now, the difficulty some people have with that word, with ‘stolen’, is that it denotes criminality, that people were conducting criminal acts against Indigenous people. The tragedy is they were lawful acts at the time and that’s what our history is all about.

That’s unequivocal!  So, given that …

  1. The Liberal Party officially (it’s the deputy leader after all) things it wrong to denote criminality for acts that are lawful at the time those acts occurred; and
  2. David Hick’s was castigated for acts that at the time did not contravene Australian law

We can complete these as Aristotelean syllogisms to conclude the following:

  • Howard and Ruddock were wrong in their condemnation of David Hicks (and others); and
  • Members of the previous Liberal Party government, by not standing up against the actions of Howard and Ruddock, were therefore un-Australian in their attitude to both law and history.

If Julie Bishop correctly states the viewpoint of the current federal opposition, we can expect them all to vote against any retrospective change to laws and statutes that might "denote criminality".


One Response to “Julie Bishop and David Hicks”

  1. zombinol said

    Hit the nail on the head.
    So, if its legal in the past and is now deemed abhorrent and illegal now that is OK – no problem, no restitution – so why did the Howard government pay 1 cent of compensation to any claimant from the past. If its illegal now and the law is breached but you dont go down for it, thats OK too.

    Seems like all politicians that did not rebel against the Hicks and or fall on their swords when presiding over illegal actions are persons with an antisocial personality disorder(Hello Mr Howard, Abbott, Pyne,Nelson, etc, etc.), manifested in aggressive(Hello Iraq & Afghanistan), perverted(Hello Mr Downer & Ruddock), criminal(hello AWB & unjust War), or amoral behaviour(Hello recent Liberal front bench) without empathy or remorse.

    Power corrupts absolutely and being absolute corrupts power and for good people to do evil things requires religion.

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