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P-Plater passenger restrictions

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-02-08

The Victorian government, rapidly becoming on the nose to lefties and centre-lefties, is planning to ban P-platers from having more than one passenger.

I can think of a number of circumstances where such measures can cause actual harm, especially at night-time:

  • Young parent with family
  • Driving co-workers or fellow students to or from work and home
  • Driving disabled or sick passengers

Such scenarios ¿any more suggestions? are made more compelling in areas or times with poor public transport, if passengers are vulnerable to the elements (e.g. flu in winter, stinking hot weather).

Imagine you are a P-plater, late at night, there is no public transport, and two young female friends need a lift home.  Which do you take with you, and which do you leave stranded, in the dark, vulnerable to predators?

While it’s probably desirable to minimize the dangers of a car full of "party animals", any strict rule on P-platers and the number of passengers, without good guidelines and without the opportunity of discretion by police, will doubtless lead to a fatality or serious injury.  It only takes one vulnerable person, stranded at night and subsequently attacked, to show this demagogic and draconian proposal for what it is.


One Response to “P-Plater passenger restrictions”

  1. gazzy fakhoury said

    I think this passenger restriction is pathetic. The reason why I reckon we shouldn’t put passenger limit, because the concerns of the mobility for the teens. I can name so many concerns , if we introduce passenger limit for P Platers, first the affect on greenhouse gas, the effect on traffic on our Victorian roads, more P platers on the road drag racing with mates, that’s last we want on our our roads because it will bring more danger to other people, more drink driving, and it would be harder to drive drunken mates to home for safety. This passenger restriction might save lives but people are still going to die, it’s not going to stop people from speeding. the thing that we are more concerned about is young drivers who don’t have enough experience, that’s why you introduced the 120 hours that should be enough to give us more experience, but giving us a passenger restriction, its just the government has pushed too far and with no time that’s pathetic.

    I fixed some typos for easier reading by oldies like me – Ed

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